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If the defendant cannot be located, publication may be an option. This method is a form of constructive notice and not an actual warning. It is also the lowest form of Service allowed by the Constitution. California law provides the publication of Service. Assistance may also be done via public posting. This method can be used when a defendant is not located. As its name suggests, public posting is when a notice is posted in a place the defendant frequents.

It is possible for Public posting to be misused to provide Service of process. The public posting could be used to suggest that the plaintiff knew where the defendant was but was not diligent in trying to locate him. Public posting can also signify that the plaintiff only knows where the defendant is found. There is a distinction between able documents–or should–be served personally (Service or process) and documents that may be reserved (email, mail, or otherwise handled by Illinois Process Server another means (eService). You need to know the critical differences between these types of documents.

The role of service as an electronic substitute in civil litigation is simple: eService provides electronic Service to opposing counsel. This aspect of civil lawsuits was traditionally handled with paper documents, such as printed facsimiles (or the U.S. Mail). Things are different in the 21st Century. Email and online technology now allow document exchange electronically. However, there are limitations. California is one example of a state that will enable the paper to be served electronically. This means that a person or party must consent to receive electronic Service for this action.

A notable limitation of eService is that certain documents cannot be electronically exchanged in California. A copy must be delivered by registered or certified mail and cannot be electronically served. Substituted Service is when the plaintiff does not want to use personal Service or cannot locate the party they wish to help. The person performing substituted Service must be at least 18 years old and not listed in a case. Substituted Service also requires that another copy be sent to the party being sued, via first-class mail, at the same address they were left.

In some states, substituted Service may require documents mailed to the person being served. It is the current case in California and New York. The best process servers can be strategic partners and are the most senior. This vendor may affiliate with a more prominent litigation support provider and be invisible to the firm. Although the vendor of litigation support services can add value to the firm, they should have extensive industry experience, aan efficient platform, and a history of high performance.

The technology platform of the litigation support service provider is used as a strategic partner to help law firms operate more efficiently. One way it can do this is to share data about process orders from the provider’s software with the law firms’ systems. This can be particularly useful as it makes data immediately available about billing, court fees, and payments for service orders.

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