8 Ways to Style a Coin Pendant Necklace Like a French Girl

French women are well-known for their effortless style, which is somewhere between sophisticated and simple. One detail that we have seen all season is extremely wearable and fashionable, if worn correctly. The simple gold pendant necklace adds elegance to any casual outfit. Lara Melchior, French designer, says, “The idea here is not to have too showy, or ‘done’ but to communicate an innate elegance… [jewelry is] subtle, easy to wear, and that’s the goal.” Add this simple accessory to your Paris-ready style. Follow our styling tips to find the perfect pendant for your Parisian style.

Men and women have worn coins jewelry since the dawn of time to show their wealth and social status. Although the style of jewelry will vary from culture to culture and may be different, the constant presence of coins has been a consistent feature of many of these pieces. Do you want to add a coin necklace touch to your look with a touch nobility? Make a coin necklace!

The Victorian Era saw sailors gift their lovers engraved coins to keep them in mind before they embarked on dangerous voyages. Before text messages and voicemails, love tokens were common coins that had sentimental messages. They provided long-distance lovers tangible reminders of their connection. Many people consider it lucky to keep a coin since the year you were conceived. Alternativly, you could choose a significant date such as graduation or marriage. Feeling generous? Feeling generous?

Do you want to join this trend? It doesn’t take a lot of money or a relationship with a sailor in order to make a necklace from coins. There are two ways to make a coin necklace. We’ll explain each one in detail below. We’ll walk you through how to create your coin necklace. To start, go to our coin website.

It’s a great way of creating a memento if you have just returned from a foreign trip and brought some currency back with you. Do you feel the travel bug? Begin with one coin, then increase it for every trip. Within a few years you will have a wonderful piece of jewelry which serves as a storybook about your world travels. Take your screwdriver and place the bezel in your other hand if it is screw-closed. The tiny screw will come loose if you gently remove the top. It should be stored somewhere safe. You can move it around with the bezel screws.

Secure the clasp by tightening the bezel. You don’t have to worry if your coin is loose or slipping out of the pendant. Re-open the bezel, and then glue or epoxy the side of the coin to secure it. This is an excellent way to display your valuable coins if they are coin collectors. The best part about this method is that you can always swap the coins out if you wish.

Now it’s time for you to drill your hole. You don’t have to drill holes in your currency. You could end up being an outlaw if you try and use it to buy something once you have drilled. This pendant should be kept on your necklace and not used to buy your coffee.

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